We welcome questions about our services and how we work.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our team has deep, diverse experience drawn from previous work in the for-profit and nonprofit sector, and not just in the United States. We speak half a dozen languages and have lived and worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, in addition to across North America. We are truly at home in any context, and the combined “melting pot” of our office brings an unparalleled diversity of viewpoints and ideas that make us adept at finding unique solutions for our nonprofit partners. Beyond this, the breadth of our departments – covering direct and digital marketing, data, production, design, institutional fundraising and major gifts – means that we can grow with you to take advantage of new opportunities at nearly a moment’s notice.
Yes! Ongoing retainer relationships are not suited to every case, and so we are happy to build out project-specific services tailored to an organization. This may include customized training sessions, prospect research or creation of fundraising communications collateral, to name just a few options. Contact us to talk more about what you are looking for.
If you are serious about launching fundraising efforts in the U.S., it is important to be prepared to dedicate time and resources, including travel to visit with prospects and make valuable connections. We find the organizations that are most successful have a dedicated staff member responsible for U.S. fundraising as a significant part or the whole of their portfolio, because they can play a valuable role in the necessary follow up and coordination, as well as collaboration with our team.
Every organization is different, and each type of fundraising is as well! For example, if you are most suited to large, multi-year grant partnerships or major gifts and high net worth individual relationships – the period of cultivation can be longer. However, if implementing direct and digital marketing would work well, returns can be seen more quickly. It also depends on your current fundraising position and existing resources/network in the U.S. As we work together, we can define realistic targets and performance indicators, covering funding and non- funding markers of progress to keep our collaboration on track.
Absolutely! We frequently visit clients at their headquarters as an opportunity to meet with the broader team and see your programs in action. From a fundraising and communications perspective, this
experience and insight is of unparalleled value. In certain contexts, we may ask for security assurances, and the costs for travel are typically borne by the client, but there has never been a context in which we have declined or withdrawn from a field visit.
We have worked with clients on specific projects for just a few months, and in other cases we have worked with them for years – each case is different. We frequently find that clients find it helpful to have us involved in the initial period of strategy launch, if we have been retained for strategy development, often for a minimum period of 6 to 12 months. Many of our clients who then take over their daily operations will continue to collaborate with our teams on a project- specific basis when they need additional expertise or manpower.
No, due to ethical and legal constraints, we require payment on a project basis, either through a flat fee or a set retainer. Fees are set based upon the number of team members and projected time involved.
No, as fundraising and communications consultants, we remain behind the scenes to help our nonprofit partners pursue fundraising success. A potential or current donor does not want a relationship with a consultant – they want to hear from you! Moreover, you are in the best position to make an authentic case and ask for support. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools and support you need to feel confident doing so.