Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris: Emergency Campaign


Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is the official charity dedicated to raising funds for the restoration of the iconic Paris cathedral. The organization had already been a partner of ours ahead of the devastating fire on April 15, 2019, because the cathedral was already in need of critical renovations. As soon as tragedy struck and news broke out about the fire, our team jumped into action.

Our Solution

We prepared a multi-stage emergency response appeal integrated across our entire team:

  • Developed copy and design for an emergency email to the current donor base informing them of the current condition of the cathedral.
  • Shifted existing digital and mail strategies, including implementation of a more sophisticated acknowledgments program with a special emergency relief thank you postcard and a dedicated thank you package with personalized Certificate of Appreciation for donors giving at the $150 level or above.
  • Compiled press clippings to facilitate preparation of talking points for Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris spokesperson.
  • Prepared strategy and next steps for Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris post-fire.
  • Ongoing guidance and support to internal staff to facilitate prompt responses to donors and other inquiries.


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